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If a trip to the dentist gives you anxiety or, worse, sends you into panic, you’re not alone. Approximately nine to 15% of Americans avoid going to the dentist, which is a number that can be lowered thanks to sedation dentistry. Dr. Erik M. Unger of Unlimited Dentistry understands that not all of his patients in Goodyear, Arizona, are eager to have dental work done so he offers several options that help them relax. If you’d like to explore sedation dentistry, call or schedule a consultation using the online booking tool.

Sedation Dentistry Q & A

What is sedation dentistry?

If the thought of dental work makes you anxious and uncomfortable, Dr. Unger uses sedation dentistry to help you relax. There are different levels of sedation dentistry, from mild drugs that help relax you to stronger medications that don’t quite put you to sleep, but make you drowsy enough that you’re only mildly aware of what’s going on around you.

What are the different types of sedation dentistry?

Dr. Unger offers three different types of sedation dentistry, including:

Oral sedation

If your anxiety levels aren’t terribly high, but high enough to cause you some discomfort, Dr. Unger prescribes you an oral medication that you take before coming in for your appointment. When you arrive, the drug should be taking effect and all you need to do is sit back in the chair and relax while Dr. Unger performs the necessary work.

Nitrous oxide

Also known as laughing gas, Dr. Unger delivers nitrous oxide through a mask and he can control the amount you’re given during your procedure. The gas relaxes you while Dr. Unger works, but as soon as he removes the mask, the effects of the gas wear off very quickly.

IV sedation

Using an IV, Dr. Unger delivers a sedative into your bloodstream that makes you drowsy enough not to feel any anxiety or fear during your visit. Dr. Unger controls the amount of sedative you’re given throughout your procedure, ensuring you’re comfortable at all times.

Are there any special instructions with sedation dentistry?

Before administering any drugs, Dr. Unger thoroughly reviews your medical records to make sure you will handle the sedation techniques well. If you’re taking an oral sedative or undergoing IV sedation, you should arrange for someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t avoid having crucial dental work done because of fear or anxiety. Through sedation dentistry, Dr. Unger can tend to your dental health, ensuring your comfort along the way.

To learn how sedation dentistry can make your next trip to Unlimited Dentistry a more pleasant one, call or use the online scheduler to request an appointment.