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While nothing is as good as your original tooth, a dental implant comes very close. If you’ve lost a tooth (or teeth), Dr. Erik M. Unger at Unlimited Dentistry offers sturdy dental implants that not only provide a cosmetic solution, but a functional one, too. And, patients in Goodyear, Arizona, can get the popular all-on-four treatment, as well. To learn more about the advantages of dental implants, call or use the online booking tool to schedule an appointment.

Dental Implants Q & A

Why would I need a dental implant?

Dental implants play several useful roles in your dental health, including:

Replacing missing teeth

A dental implant provides a replacement tooth from the root up, making it an extremely secure option.

Providing support

If you’re missing several teeth in a row, Dr. Unger uses dental implants on either side to provide support for bridges.

What is all-on-four procedure?

An all-on-four procedure refers to the fact that Dr. Unger can replace all, or some, of your upper or lower teeth, using just four dental implants. This system eliminates the need for dentures and provides a more stable solution for those who have suffered from serious tooth loss.

The all-on-four system even works if you have bone loss in your jaw since Dr. Unger only needs to attach to four spots along your jawbone. Once he sets the anchor implants, he uses bridges to fill in the missing teeth between the implants.

How does the implant work?

If you opt for an implant, Dr. Unger first places a metal implant into your jawbone. This aspect of a dental implant is important. When you lose the root of your tooth, the bone in your jaw may begin to deteriorate since there’s no longer any stimulation in the area, which prompts regeneration of your bone tissue.

The metal implant mimics your root and, over time, even becomes fully integrated by the existing bone in your jaw.

Once the implant is firmly in place, Dr. Unger places an abutment on it, to which he attaches your crown. Your crown is made to fit in seamlessly with the rest of your teeth both in terms of function and appearance.

How long does the implant last?

If everything goes smoothly, your dental implant should last you a lifetime. Because an implant fuses with your natural bone, it essentially becomes part of your body. There may come a time when you have to replace the crown, but with your “root” already in place, this process is fairly simple.

If you’d like to explore how dental implants can help you, call Unlimited Dentistry, or fill out the form online to request an appointment.