Sedation Dentistry: No Reason to Let Dental Anxiety Prevent You From Getting the Care You Need

A visit to the dentist office every six months is routine for many people, but for millions of people suffering from dental anxiety, it’s far routine. For patients who are fearful of going to the dentist, the mere thought of the shrill noise of a dentist’s drill, and the sights and smells of the office, simply prevent them from keeping their appointments.

The connection between oral health and overall health adds an additional risk factor to skipping your dental appointments. It’s not just about putting yourself at a higher risk for gum disease and tooth decay, it’s also about infections in your mouth spreading to other parts of your body.

That’s why people who undergo transplant surgery or cardiac surgery must visit their dentist prior to their actual surgeries. It’s all about keeping infections in check; and if you are skipping your appointments due to dental anxiety, you are putting your health at risk.

The good news about all this is that those who are fearful of the dentist have more and more treatment choices than ever before. The professional dental team at Unlimited Dentistry in Goodyear, Arizona, led by Eric M. Unger, DDS, offers some insights into sedation dentistry to help you make your way back to the dentist office to get the dental care you need.

Millions suffer from dental anxiety

When it comes to dental anxiety, the first thing to remember is you are not alone. In fact, an estimated 15% of all Americans don’t go to the dentist due to their fear – that’s about 40 million people. Some of these people may have had a bad experience many years ago, while others react to sights, sounds, and smells of a dental office or have a bad gag reflex.

Regardless of the specific trigger, people with dental anxiety avoid going to the dentist at all costs. That is, until something happens like an abscess that causes a bad toothache. Waiting until it’s too late is an avoidable strategy, especially when sedation dentistry can help take the edge off your anxiety.

Collapse several appointments into one or two

If you have been making excuses for not going to the dentist because of your fear, chances are you have racked up several dental issues that need to be addressed. Although sedation dentistry is a treatment most noted for relaxing you during dental treatments, it’s also a great way to catch up on your needed dental care.

Many time-stressed patients will use sedation dentistry as a time-saver even if they don’t have dental anxiety. After all, who wants to find time for seven appointments when you can make one or two longer appointments?

Multiple methods to relax your way through your next dental visit

Since every patient is different, with different levels of anxiety and tolerance to sedation, Dr. Unger offers several customizable sedation dentistry options. These include:

During your initial consultation, you and Dr. Unger will discuss all the options to find the one that best suits your situation. Getting you the dental care you need in a non-judgmental setting is always the most important focus at Unlimited Dentistry.

Let Eric M. Unger, DDS, and the compassionate staff at Unlimited Dentistry in Goodyear, Arizona, help you conquer your dental anxiety with sedation dentistry. Don’t wait. Book your consultation online or call today.

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