How Gum Disease Can Wreck Your Oral Health

We tend to pay attention to our teeth and look for signs something may be wrong. Not enough people take the time to do the same for the health of their gums. It takes healthy gums to keep up the smile we work so hard to maintain.

The physicians at Unlimited Dentistry in Goodyear, AZ feel gum disease should be something about which residents maintain constant vigilance. They know first-hand the type of damage it can do to the overall health of individuals. Here’s what to watch for and why you should be doing everything you can to care for your gums properly.  

Early signs of gum disease

Many of our favorite "guilty favorite" foods or soft drinks leave sugars and starches on our teeth. They contain bacteria which release acids that go after your tooth enamel. That causes the formation of plaque within your entire mouth.

The stickiness of the plaque means the acids stay in constant contact with your teeth. Its presence wears down your tooth enamel over time and leads to tooth decay. Those same acids attack your gums, causing a condition called gingivitis which causes your gums to become tender and swollen.  

Effects of advanced gum disease

Untreated gingivitis eventually causes your gum to recede from your teeth, which lets the bacteria get into the deeper bone structure of your jaw. You may also begin noticing the appearance of other gum disease symptoms.

The bacteria work to destroy that support, causing your teeth to loosen and eventually fall out. The bone loss can’t be reversed once things advance to this level. The options for your dentist at this point is taking steps to prevent the infection from spreading and causing further bone loss. They’ll also do what they can to shore up the remaining structures in your mouth.

Treating gum disease

Catching the early signs of gum disease is key to preventing things from advancing to the point of no return. Your dentist may ask you to make some lifestyle changes like giving up smoking, which increases your risk of developing gum disease. You’ll also have to commit to a regime of brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist regularly for check-ups.

Get treatment before it’s too late

Unlimited Dentistry in Goodyear, AZ treats gum disease and other oral issues for residents in the area. Use our online scheduling tool or call us at (623) 227-2490 for an appointment if you have concerns about your periodontal health.

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